Meet The Team: Louise Fox - Business
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Meet The Team: Louise Fox

Over the next coming months at Business, we’re going to be introducing you to the team behind all the magic… In this month’s feature, we’re meeting up with Louise Fox, our Business Development Manager…


What made you want to get into the travel industry?

The variety of the day is a big thing for me – no two days are ever the same! The interaction with different types of clients whilst discussing a subject area that is both important but fun!

When did you join Business?

I joined in December 2017.

On a day to day basis, what does your job involve?

My job involves meeting with and calling new prospective clients to discuss their business travel needs and to promote our fee free monthly business solution.

What do you love most about your job?

The lovely people I work with, the variety of my day and speaking to different people and clients.

What previous experience do you have that got you here today?

No formal qualifications although a general understanding of the marketing and sales process is helpful. Skills wise it’s generally the softer, people skills: communication, negotiation, presentation etc. Then of course, sales and business development experience in various B2B sectors…

Where is the best place you’ve ever travelled to?

Tokyo – there’s nothing quite like it!

And where’s on the bucket-list?

There’s too many, so it’s hard to narrow it down but definitely Asia (again!), possibly China and most of Scandinavia.

What is the best advice you would give to someone wanting to join the travel industry?

Try to gain an understanding of how technology is impacting the industry and how people are looking to plan their travel in the future.

Callum Fletcher