Meet The Team: Usman Hussain - Business
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Meet The Team: Usman Hussain

In April’s Meet The Team feature, we sat down with Usman Hussain, our Corporate Reservations Consultant…

What made you want to get into the travel industry?

It was never planned to get into the travel industry, but I’m really glad it happened!

When did you join Business?

September 2017

On a day to day basis, what does your job involve?

I find option hotels for our corporate clients and book them, I often process VAT receipts as well as Booking Checks, which usually consists of making sure that the hotels have the relevant information – this is to make sure there are no issues when clients are checking in.

What do you love most about your job?

Me and my team really get along, so I’d definitely say the people!

What previous experience do you have that got you here today?

Before working in Business, I worked in the Contact Centre, so this has definitely helped me when building an understanding of our business offering. Of course, working in customer services for many years is really helpful too.

Where is the best place you’ve ever travelled to?


And where’s on the bucket-list?

As long as it’s got a beach, I don’t mind!

What is the best advice you would give to someone wanting to join the travel industry?

Do it…! It’s a great industry to work in, you find the best places to visit and you may even get a little discount.

Jessica Wickens